endorsement of laurie ditto book about hellIt gives me great pleasure to endorse Laurie Ditto. I met Mrs Ditto in Spring 2012 during my trip to IHOP KC to meet with Mike Bickle and talk about the situation in Juarez. Her testimony greatly impacted me; as we had an upcoming evangelistic crusade on October 2012, even that we had a program in place, we wanted to include her testimony because the people in Juarez needed to hear it. So I had the honor to invite her, on behalf of the Pastorate in Juarez MX, to share her testimony. The Crusade had over 20,000 people in the stadium.

Laurie brought clarity where there’s confusion on what the Word speaks about Hell. Very few in the body of Christ speaks about it; her message needs to be heard as it brings life and moves the hearts into repentance. At the end of that night and after the altar call was made, many came to give their lives to Christ. One “sicario” (this word means “hired murderer”),  came and confessed that he has killed people; he said that after hearing her testimony he decided that he doesn’t want to go to that place (Hell) and gave his life to Christ. This is one of many who was moved into repentance by her testimony. Laurie is a humble, godly woman of God with the authority of Christ to share His Truth. She is a true servant of God. We love her and respect her and her ministry.

Pastor Lalo & Chita Garcia, Director of Massive Evangelism. Juarez, Mexico

recommendation of laurie ditto's book on hellSince the day God called Laurie to Himself and the work of evangelism, she has been faithful to go and tell the good news of Jesus Christ. For her, to co-labor with Christ in saving the lost is more than a duty, it is a burning passion, in which she sees the flames of hell and God’s Since final judgment as clearly as any minister I know. The result is a compelling presentation of the Gospel that reveals her understanding and appreciation of the reality of heaven and hell that should reside in all God’s people, especially His ministers. The book of Hebrews tells us that God makes “His ministers a flame of fire.” Laurie is a flame of fire for Jesus!

Laurie Ditto is a good friend. In that friendship, she demonstrates many Christ-like qualities, too many to elaborate on in this brief endorsement. The greatest of all Kingdom virtues is love for others. Laurie has much love for the Lord and the people in her life. My wife and I are among the many people Laurie has helped immeasurably since we met her several years ago. Let it suffice to say, I am very confident that Laurie will hear the Lord say on that final day, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Diane & Hal Linhardt, Director of Evangelism, International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO

pastor who likes laurie dittos book of hellThe best word to describe Laurie Ditto is, “real.” What you see is what you get. She demonstrates a humble and submissive spirit with a desire to build up the local church and honor the God’s authority and role of the pastor.She speaks from the heart of a woman that has “been there and done that”, and has come out the other side by the power and grace of God. Her undeniable passion is to share the love of Christ with others and to see God’s people trained and released to share the same message of that love.I wholeheartedly endorse Laurie and the ministry of My Father’s Reputation.”Kelvin Lott, Lead Pastor, House of His Presence-North in Oxford, Michigan
I have known Mike and Laurie Ditto since 2009. We were introduced when Laurie came and did a women’s retreat for us. Laurie demonstrated her gifts in the Spirit with confidence and competency. She has a huge heart of compassion and discernment. It wasn’t too long after this that we invited Laurie for an evangelism intensive weekend, which proved to be amazing. With her prophetic insight and teaching, Laurie elevated our congregation to a new level of awareness of God’s heart for the lost in a practical as well as Spirit-led approach to evangelism. I wholeheartedly endorse Laurie and her ministry as God is using her and her gifts to bring a desperately needed freshness to the body as it pertains to the lost and the broken.Clifford Chavez, Senior Pastor, Grace Fellowship in Los Lunas, NM
Jared Dupert- EndorsementLaurie and Mike Ditto are the real deal. I have worked with Laurie and Mike on several occasions within the church and on missions to the Indian Reservation in South Dakota. They both live out the passion of intimacy with Jesus day in and day out, and it’s out of that love I have seen their fiery passion to see people come to Jesus and lives changed for eternity. I have personally grown from their investment in my life on many levels and I know the people of our church have grown from their teaching and investment in their lives. The assignment on their lives is vital in partnering with as the church needs evangelists like Laurie and Mike to train up and release a movement of evangelism across the world.Jared Dupert, Youth/Young Adult Pastor, Church at the Gate in Sioux Falls, SD
Recommend laurie ditto“The first time that I heard Laurie Ditto speak was at a Forerunner Evangelism seminar at IHOP-KC. Laurie shared what God had placed on her heart for that session, and the fire that is in her was released into all who were listening. I had to stifle back tears and the urge to get on my face in travail, numerous times. This was my first introduction to this humble servant of God. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone else with such a strong and sincere longing for the lost to be saved. Laurie has since connected with me to do training in my city. I have seen her on the streets in action and let me tell you, she is just as tenacious as she had seemed to be on the platform. She has such love for people. No one is unreachable as she approaches even the unapproachable. Laurie is a diamond. She has marked my life.Cindy Denney Evangelist in Pine Bluff, AR
endorsement for lauries story of how jesus saved her from hellI would like to commend to you the life and ministry of Laurie Ditto. Our family has known her personally and in ministry since 2007. She’s the “real deal”, a passionate fiery messenger of the Gospel. Laurie and her husband Mike truly love the LORD. Her life mandate is rescuing people from the gates of hell and reuniting lost prodigals with their Heavenly Father. She is provocative, fearless and uncompromising, helping people confront the reality of Jesus as the Bridegroom, King, and Judge!Her message is about “hell fire and brimstone” delivered with the passion of the Father’s heart for a lost and dying world. She awakens a passion for Jesus in the hearts of the lost and awakens the church to the reality of Hell. Even the most timid and reserved believers are empowered and equipped to reach their loved ones and friends. Your ministry will forever be impacted for having invited her!
Chris Ferguson, Director of Pastoral Care, IHOPKC, IHOPKC Messengers Kansas City, MO

recommend mike and laurie dittoOver the last few years I have had the honor of getting to know Laurie Ditto. She is an authentic messenger of the gospel. Filled with real compassion for a lost world that has been birthed in part from a revelation of the reality of Hell for those who don’t bring their lives under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I highly recommend My Father’s Reputation which is an important and prophetic message to the Body of Christ and the world in this hour.

Steven Uggen, Evangelist, Director: Trinity Works, Minneapolis, MN

recommendation of lauries testimonies of hellLaurie Ditto is vibrant and bold presenter of the gospel. The few times a year I see her, she never fails to ask provocative questions concerning my own personal evangelism. It is disconcerting in a very needed and good way.You only have to know Laurie for a short amount of time to discover her passionate heart for the poor and zeal for the gospel. Praise God for the evangelist who challenges all believers to be faithful to the Great Commission. Laurie is certainly one of those.Steve Norris, Pastor – Mercy Gate, Carmi, IL
endorsement of mike and laurie dittoIt is my privilege to endorse Laurie Ditto. I have known Laurie since 2007. This is when I first shared with her the vision that the Lord gave me to go back to El Paso and establish a House of Prayer in this border. She embraced my vision, prayed over and always gave me words of encouragement. She came to our JHOP in El Paso in October 2012 and shared a powerful message. She also was invited by the Pastoral Leadership of Juarez Mexico to share her testimony during an Evangelistic Crusade in October 2012 with more than 20,000 people attending. Many People came to Christ because of her testimony.
She carries a strong anointing and is a woman of high integrity, respect and loyalty. Her dedication and passion for the Kingdom is an inspiration to me and our team in this House of Prayer.Beti Stanghellini, Director, JHOP El Paso, El Paso, TX
endorsement of laurie ditto minisitry and book Laurie Ditto knows the heart of the Father—and she’s all about her Father’s business. With a heart for the lost, Laurie ministers the unrelenting love of God to all those He brings in her path. She is a good and faithful servant with a powerful testimony that serves as a life-changing catalyst. Laurie Ditto is as genuine as they come, and her passion for Jesus—and to make Jesus known—is making an eternal difference.Jennifer LeClaire, Director: Jennifer LeClaire Ministries