Go tell others about me book by laurie dittoWhat if you were to encounter Jesus today? What if you could discover the person He created you to be? What if you could become all He created you to be?

“Go Tell Others About Me” is the beginning of one woman’s journey, following an amazing encounter with Jesus. Inside a castle filled with light, His diamond-like brilliance captured her heart. His patient purpose filled her with renewed hope as He waited for her to accept His gift. His supernatural touch of love released deliverance and healing into her life, restoring her self-esteem. He told her to go and tell others about Him.

What if you are one of the people she is to tell about Him? What if Jesus is waiting to encounter you?

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Chiefs 10:     This book really shows the power of the love of God and how passionate He is about revealing Himself. Would definitely recommend!

Dotty:     This book really shows the power of the love of God and how passionate He is about revealing Himself. Would definitely recommend!Dotty:      This book is written from the heart. Its a simple story of the amazing love of Jesus and the vision of heaven will stick with you long after you put the book down. You’ll remember the description of heaven and it will remind you to trust in Him in times of trouble. Easy read, written from the author’s heart, to yours.

Carol:   This is a book you will not want to put down. It is written from the heart of someone who had no agenda except to understand the truth about who Jesus is – and Jesus granted her heart’s desire by revealing himself to her in a very real, and supernatural way. The writer tells her experience as though she were talking with you over a cup of coffee and you can feel her joy in a palpable way and ‘see’ through her eyes. Her explanations are simple, straight forward, applicable and in language that clarifies spiritual truths – rather than making them more complicated. I have never seen heaven or Jesus but Laurie has and through her eyes I understand so much more about what heaven will be like and what my life should be about between now and eternity. Once you have read this book, not only will you feel as though you just heard the truth from a trusted friend, you too will want to go tell people about Jesus.

Roy:      This is the real deal. It reveals a God who created us, knows us, desires us and loves us. I have read it several times and it impacts my heart each time and draws me into my own relationship with the Lord and what is on His heart. It is a real love story, not one made up in Hollywood. Just Amazing!!

Becky:     I read this book several years ago and it had a profound impact on me! It tells a beautiful story of the redemption of ones life, a powerful encounter with our Creator and the unveiling of Truth over the statement…’I will go to heaven because I am good’. Definitely worth reading and I fully recommend it!!!!!!!!