Confirming Impact

Testimony of Impact


Conveying His heart of love for all mankind, Father God, sent Jesus to endure the cross and conquer hell. When people ask me about Laurie’s testimony this is what comes to mind, Jesus suffering such a horrible reality, yet God’s perfect way to deliver us.

Gods love for our eternal soul allowed the most horrifying scene in history to usher in salvation, redemption, and the offer of eternal life with Him in Heaven.  We’ve seen attempts at capturing this story in books and on film, and while graphic, disturbing and ultimately exhilarating, no one has yet to accurately depict the graphic details of the cross or hell.

Fine Points… I suspect millions of people have heard a story of someone experiencing a journey to hell, I had, and it was because of that, that I wasn’t very interested in listening to Laurie’s story the first time, but as they say, “the devil is in the details”, and that’s what’s missing from others recollections of their journey, the horrific details.

As this transparent lady begins describing her ordeal, it’s apparent that she’s not sharing for entertainment value, but the depth of that critical day is fresh, and its reality continues to shake her to her core.

When I heard Laurie in 2011, I had been saved for 30 years, but it wasn’t until I heard “the details” that I became passionate about evangelism; fervent about forgiveness, and zealous to share Gods loving mercy.

Hearing “the details” of what I was saved from gave me a sobering reality check of my walk and salvation, and secured the heart of the Father in me to salvation for others. To date, I have asked Laurie to share her story with whole groups of our Interns at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and they never leave unchanged.

If you will listen to “the details”, you will be changed for His glory, and find more purpose and intentionality in living the life He has given you. Ultimately, you will come face to face with the Man with eyes of fire, and He will say, “well done; enter in”.

James Saxion, Simeon Company Intensive Director, IHOPKC

Becky & Bruce JackmanI have known Laurie for several years- a few years ago she shared her testimony of Hell with me.  I remember the impact of those words on my heart as she shared them.  The description of the prison, smells, sounds and surroundings were terrifying.  But one of the things that impacted me to this day was the people who thought they were going to heaven but were surprised they landed in Hell! That would be horrifying to think you were on a Highway to Heaven that looked like the right highway but to die and realize that highway was NOT the highway to Heaven.  I am reminded of this often as the Bible is true- Hell is real!

Becky Jackman, Friend