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Juarez, Mexico & El Paso Texas


It was an honor for My Father’s Reputation partner with Beti Stanghellini from the Justice House of Prayer, El Paso – JHOP-EP and with dear friend Pastor Lalo & Chita Garcia from Juarez, Mexico.

greetings-from-ciudad-juarez-mexico_i-G-61-6174-P7B1100ZMike & Laurie met Pastor Lalo, and his wife Chita, right after  Laurie had returned from an outreach in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.  Laurie received a phone call from a dear friend who informed her that they had a Holy Spirit feeling that she needed to meet with Pastor Lalo.  They were right.

Mike and Laurie met with Lalo, Chita and Beti for coffee.  They speak Spanish and Mike and Laurie speak English, but through the conversation everyone fell in love with the these powerful Spanish speaking friends..  Their love for JESUS is not without great sacrifice.

They left hoping that My Father’s Reputation might be able to come and share with the people of Juarez the truth of Hell.  Laurie left hoping that it would happen too as she and Mike love the Mexican people.

El Paso Welcomed with giftsMy Father’s Reputation  team, Scott, Susan, Mike and Laurie arrived in El Paso on Friday October 19, 2012.  We were welcomed with beautiful flowers, and taken to a place with wonderful food.




El Paso House of PrayerThen we stopped into the JHOP-EP before we went for an interview at the Christian TV Station KSCE, Channel 38, that was scheduled with Laurie.

Laurie told the people a little about her hell testimony, but mainly spoke out of the heart of an Evangelist, equipping and empowering people to love others and tell them about JESUS.

El Paso TV STation calll signEl Paso TV interview 2







Juarez Crusade - President of the GatheringOn Saturday afternoon we went to the Crusade.  There were 15,000 people there.  Our team was humbled by the love and respect we received as Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and as Americans.  Her Exhortation to the people went something like this:

” Church of Juarez,   I am told there are two languages spoken in Heaven…. Hebrew, and Spanish.  I can speak neither.”   She smiled while people heard the translation and waited for them to understand she was honoring their language.

She continued: “Church of Juarez, you have captivated the heart of the KING OF KINGS, and HE has shared HIS heart for you with the whole world!  Now, Shine Church.   Shine!

When she finished saying this many shofar’s began sounding.  It was a stunning and powerful sound.  Laurie shared of God’s love for righteousness. His ability to see and keep track of unrighteousness.  His desire to forgive sin, and His final judgements.   She shared briefly on her testimony of Hell. She told the people that all people who will not let Jesus be their Savior will perish in Hell.  She talked to them about unforgiveness.

She was quite shaken with emotion when she stepped off the stage.  It touched and  humbled her to speak to a people who have had to overcome such hardships and are still overcoming them.

Juarez Crusade- Stage 2Juarez Crusade Stage with Pastor Lalo

Juarez Crusade From on the STageJuarez  Crusade Crowd ShotWhile Laurie was walking back to her place, a young boy in a wheel chair caught her eye.  She knew he wanted to see her.  When she got to him, he reached up and pulled himself out of the chair and began to try to walk. His mother said he had never done anything like this.  Mike held his frail body and prayed for him.  The interpreters told us that he kept saying  “I have never felt like this before, it’s wonderful”.  He and his mother gave their life to Jesus!Juarez Crusade Boy who got out of wheel chair

Juarez Crusade Mother of boyJuarez Crusade Boy who got out of wheel chair and momThere were powerful speakers after Laurie.  We couldn’t understand every word, but we understood the power released as the Holy Spirit moved across the crowd.

When the preacher gave his altar call, it appeared that at least 500 people came forward to receive Jesus.   It was wonderful.  We, along with about 75 other local pastors  all began praying for the people.  It was powerful to see as God released His power and people fell down, jumped, cried, and laughed.  There were more altar calls, and the sick came forward.  We saw people get healed and delivered.  JESUS IS POWERFUL!

Juarez woman healedJuarez, Salvation

We were so honored by everyone in Juarez.  It was an AMAZING CRUSADE.

We look forward to returning someday.  We pray that the Peace of  our Great GOD would strengthen our Brothers and Sisters in their fight for the souls of the people of Juarez.  In JESUS name!

Juarez Group of women - 2 saved

Juarez Crusade T shirt




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