Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome to My Father’s Reputation!

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Praise God for His faithfulness! I am very excited that My Father’s Reputation is finally live! It has been quite a journey, but I was surrounded by great friends, supporters, partners, board and most importantly, our Amazing God, during this process. I’m so grateful that I can share with you what God has placed on my heart for the last 5 years.

My hope and prayer is that many will watch my account of Hell and the 50 powerful testimonies to

  1.  believe that there is Hell – the most horrific place in creation
  2.  realize Jesus wants everyone to be saved and be our Bridegroom
  3.  understand that there is a way for you to have eternal salvation in Jesus through believing the message of the cross and living a life of intimacy and obedience with Jesus
  4.  accept Jesus as Lord and follow Him

The description of Hell is not for the faint of heart, but believing that it exists and accepting the only way out of it – Jesus – is of eternal importance. We hope you take the time to watch several of the 50 Faces videos, go through the Biblical teaching about Hell, and share the site with others who need this Truth.

Finally, if you have any questions or want to leave any comment, please feel free to contact us at And be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for future content and event updates.

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