The MAKER of Heaven chose to wash peoples feet. To help them and cleanse them and make them complete.

The MAKER of the earth chose to bow to HIS knee; teaching and demonstrating in hopes they would see.

The RULER of all, with authority to demand, instead HE is caring, with water in hand.

HE serves all who allow the forgiveness of sin and makes a new path for them to begin.

HE is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, and how can it be that the feet HE chose are of you and of me?

- L. Ditto

Laurie and Mike


The urgency  of this message has driven them to sell possessions, create a website, and produce videos to warn people.  Do you know the truth of Heaven and Hell?

Hell Testimony

In a vision, Laurie experienced Hell. It has changed everything about her life.  In two videos, Laurie will introduce herself, share about her experience in Hell, and answer questions.


Jesus came to seek and save the lost. It is His perfect will that none should perish! He has given us answers to the reality and consequences of Hell. These videos give Biblical truths about Hell.

50 Faces

Everyone, who is not saved, is going to Hell. Nine of these 50 people have seen Hell and have shared their experience.  We hope these testimonies will compel you to turn to Jesus.

Go Tell Others About Me

In 2000 Laurie was saved in a vision while at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  While in the vision, Jesus introduced Himself to her.  He delivered her of many things including a 3.5 pack a day cigarette addiction.  Before she left Him she asked if there was anything she could do for Him.  He answered:   “Go tell others about me.”  That is what she has done.  This book can be ordered through Amazon.

She is currently working on putting her testimony of the vision of Hell into book form.